We disrupt Car-Sharing.

Caroo is car sharing using idle rental cars. Users get the cheapest, safest & most flexible solution to transport. Our car suppliers benefit from maximizing their fleet utilization & reducing “distressed stock”


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What is Caroo?

Caroo is a car-sharing service. Caroo users can find, book & unlock a car in seconds with our app and enjoy their transportation in the easiest, safest & cheapest way possible.

Where can i use caroo?

Caroos soon will be all around Athens, our first pilot city in Europe. Stay tuned to our App & Social Media and search for new cars you can use.


Caroo is a cheap and safe way to move around town. Using a vehicle through Caroo reduces the overall automotive CO2 footprint.

How does it work?

You only need the Caroo app to Search, Lock & Unlock cars. You pay with your credit/debit card.

650+ Organic Registered Users

For car rental COMPANIES

Car suppliers like Car Rentals, Dealers & importers can now max their cars utilisations using Caroo.

MAX Utilisation

Cars managed by Caroo are 24/7 on the road.


Caroo provides a real time platform where suppliers can view their cars positions & data.

reduce idle stock

Eliminate yout idle stock by providing cars to Caroo.

new revenues

Car Rental companies recieve monthly income from Caroo for using their unutilized fleet.

Our Supporters

Be the next Car Rental to win from Car-Sharing

” Founders with the knowledge on how to build in financially constrictive conditions, putting them in a better position to cope with the likely recession about to hit Europe” 

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